Published Mar 18, 2024
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For mobile photographers seeking a touch of vintage aesthetics, Pearla’s “Ethereia” recipe offers an intriguing exploration of colour and mood. This recipe delivers a unique visual language.

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The foundation of this recipe lies in Pearla’s “Visage” film simulation, drawing inspiration from the renowned Kodak Portra 400 film. Building upon this base, “Ethereia” introduces subtle adjustments to temperature, contrast, and highlights while maintaining the deeper red tones characteristic of Portra.


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Maximizing “Ethereia”:

Utilize natural light: “Ethereia” thrives in soft, diffused lighting conditions, often found during overcast days or in the shade.

Remember, these settings serve as a starting point; feel free to adjust them based on your artistic vision and shooting environment. Experimentation and exploration are key to discovering what works best for you and developing your distinct photographic style.